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The Contractors Advisor


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Rick Jones

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We are contractor business advisors.
We offer guidance and support for decisions that will affect your business and help with the daily stress only one contractor could share with another.
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"We are not closing enough business."


"My business is not making money to cover all my costs."


"We need more leads."

"I want to add people to my business - what do I do?"

               Are these familiar phrases you are hearing regularly at meetings?

We can help you with problems associated with your business
acting as an advisor regarding:


  • Marketing, advertising and lead generation


  • Selling & sales training – learn profitable sales techniques to acheive higher close rates


  • Business operations including pricing for profit


  • Customer Service – learn to control costs


  • Personnel training assistance

No books to read. No seminars to attend.
No programs to buy or learn.
Business support on an exclusive basis.
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